Spring Cleaning: Storage Wars

storage_bear copy

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, and we can bearly wait to get started! Not really looking forward to it? Some fun new storage ideas can help get you in the mood.

Avoiding the grizzly mess that has been hibernating in your closet all winter? Make organization easy with these collapsible bear storage cubes.

Is the inside of your dresser a perpetual tangle of fabric? Turn your drawers into a work of art with these honey comb organizers. If your desk looks anything like mine, clutter has clearly taken over. Make a cute DIY, foldable storage box to keep all your goodies in check.

UNDIESstorage_box copy jewlcloud_hooks copy

Sick of always having to untangle your necklaces and forever looking around for that one missing earring? Get a bright jewelry stand to proudly display- and keep track of- your baubles. There are plenty of other items that always seem to hide when we need them the most. Grab some precious cloud wall hooks so you can always locate your keys, umbrella, headphones, reusable shopping bag, and more!

Want additional ideas? Search iOffer.com for all your storage and organization needs.

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