iOffer Mobile – Let your fingers do the shopping!

Today, we’re introducing mobile support for core buying features, including optimized search, item listings and shopping carts. Although most of iOffer is already accessible with mobile devices, our touch-friendly pages load quickly and are designed to allow you to search, scroll and swipe with ease.

iOffer Mobile: Item Detail

Visit from your smartphone or tablet and you’ll find mobile-optimized home and item detail pages and updated “Ask Question”, “Make Offer” and “Buy Now” features. We also updated shopping carts for mobile so you can add your favorite items and checkout later.

iOffer Mobile: Actions

From “Buy Now” and “Make Offer” to “Add to Cart” and “Ask Question”, iOffer makes buying a snap with intuitive mobile interfaces:

iOffer Mobile: Core features

The iOffer Mobile team will be releasing additional support, including improved category and store navigation – look out for these announcements in the coming months!

We’d love to hear from you about these features. Leave us your feedback on Twitter (@iOffer) or Facebook (

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